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Zakum Prequests Guide

So you want to fight Zakum, huh?  Well not so fast, buddy.  First you need to complete the three very annoying-but-necessary prequests. 

-Be level 50 or above (recommended to be at least 100+)
-Be able to get to the Door to Zakum without dying (this means walking past many maps of 120+ monsters in El Nath)
-Have a lot of HP pots 

First, talk to your 3rd job instructor in El Nath to start the quest.  Then make your way on over to the Door of Zakum where Adobis awaits you.  You can take the black taxi to Ice Valley II for 45k if you want to save yourself a few maps of walking.  Otherwise just keep walking right >> until you get to Cold Field II.  Then take the top right portal, and continue walking right.  There are shortcut portals in most of the tall maps that look like this:
Once you get to Sharp Cliff 4, there are two portals on top.  The left one leads you to Lion King's Castle, so take the right one to keep going towards Zakum.
**If you log out or change channels at The Door to Zakum, you will be sent back to The Passage.  If you log out/change channels in The Passage, then you will be sent back to The Forest of Dead Trees IV.  To change channels without being sent back, you can go into Stage 1 again and relog to the channel of your choice.  

For stage 1, you have to be in a party.  Create your own party if you're doing it by yourself.  Talk to Adobis, and he will send you to the map.   
In this stage, you have 30 minutes to get 7 keys to exchange for the fire ore.  You can also find 30 documents and turn them into NPC Aura if you want to get 5 Return to Dead Mine scrolls.  You find the keys/documents by hitting either the pile of crumbly rocks or the old chests with your regular attack (ctrl).  Note: If you're doing this by yourself, ignore the documents and just go for the keys.  It's impossible to get all the documents AND the keys by yourself in 30 mins.
**To get to room 16 (where you can then go to rooms 16-1 thru 16-6), just go to the end of room 7-2 or 10-2, and they will teleport you to room 16.

Adobis's Mission I: Unknown Dead Mine
NPC: Aura 
Monster: -
The 7 keys  are located in rooms:
4-2 (rock)
9-2 (chest)
11-1 (chest)
14-1 (chest)
16-2 (chest)
16-3 (chest)
16-5 (rock)
After you have collected all the keys, go to room 16-5 and drop ALL of the keys in front of the big chest.  Wait a few seconds, and then the Fire Ore will magically appear.  Take the fire ore and bring it back to Aura.  Note: If you are doing this with a party, make sure all the members go into the room and THEN have the leader go in last.  This will make sure that all members get a piece of fire ore.
The 30 documents  are located in rooms:
1-1 (rock) & 1-2 (rock)
2-1 (rock)
3-1 (rock) & 3-2 (two documents in two different rocks)
4-2 (rock)
5-1 (rock)
6-1 (rock)
7-1 (rock) & 7-2 (two documents in two different rocks)
8-1 (two documents in two different rocks)
9-1 (rock) & 9-2 (two documents in two different rocks)
10-1 (rock) & 10-2 (two documents in two different rocks)
11-1 (rock)
12-1 (rock)
13-1 (two documents in two different rocks)
14-1 (rock)
15-1 (rock)
16-4 (rock)
16-5 (chest)
16-6 (rock)

 Once you find all the documents, turn them in to Aura, and you will get some EXP and 5 Return to Dead Mine scrolls.  
Yay!!  You're done with STAGE 1!!
 Now it's time for the infamous Zakum Jump Quest!  It's too hard to explain in words, so here's a video guide to show you how to do it :)  Remember, patience is key!!

A couple tips for the jump quest: 
-Bring lots of All Cures for when you get hit by the poisonous geysers
-Bring LOTS of HP potions!!!  When you fall, the lava does 200-300 damage per second!!!  At least bring a couple hundred HP potions, unless you're a pro at this JQ.
Good luck!
 Last but not least is Stage 3.  In this stage, you simply have to obtain 30 Zombie's Lost Gold Tooth and give them to Adobis.  These drop from Miner Zombies.  You can also buy them in the FM for about 100-150k each, although I recommend that you just hunt for them.
Miner Zombie
Miner Zombie
Level: 132
HP: 145,000
EXP: 2,529 
Common Location:
Once you find these teeth, you are finally done with your Zakum Prequests!!!  Now just go back to Adobis and claim your reward!
 You will receive 5 Eye of Fire  from Adobis.  
Besides finishing your prequests, you MUST have AT LEAST ONE Eye of Fire in your inventory in order to enter Last Mission: Zakum's Altar and take on the almighty Zakum!  Have fun, Maplers & EpicKnights!!!
-FitzBouck577 for writing the guide.
-Wiire's Guide to Zakum Prequests: http://sleepywood.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1517969 for info on Stage 1.
-Hidden-Street (http://global.hidden-street.net/) for maps & monster info.
-Arrowshot501 for some helpful tips.
-EpicKnights for being an awesome guild! xD 

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